Morris & Associates, LLC provides leadership and executive coaching for both public and private organizations.​

The firm was started by Linda Morris-Williams in 2016. Linda has 35 years of leadership and management experience in both the private and public sector.


Linda is dynamic, vibrant, bold, and detailed. Her first logo exploration was a simple letter “M” in side of a box. I wanted to create a brand identity that was a true reflection of her personality and make sure her organization stood out among her competitors

After a competitive audit, I  began the design process with a typeface search. I had to find the right typeface to create the “M” that would be the center piece of her logo. After a lengthy search I used the Adam font. It has a narrow and boxy stance, as well as sharp, hard, edges. In order to add a unique visual feature I leveraged the available empty space in the top of the M to create an “A” using the counters from that letter. The final lock up results in a rectangular shape that feels like a box. This was an element she liked from her original logo but now it is much more subtle and contains visual interest.


To capture the vibrancy of Linda’s personality I chose her favorite color, purple. It is a bold color that like Linda demands attention. In the executive coaching space, my audit found lots of red, blacks and blues. This color choice ensured that her brand was going to stand out among that crowd. I then paired the purple with a sold gray that provides a subtle balance to the purple but also provides a subtle richness as a secondary color.

As a woman in a male dominated field, I wanted to make sure that her name was front and center on any of her correspondence and that it got attention.


I designed the letterhead and envelope to call out her name. When you sift through your mail, you are going to stop for things that are out of the ordinary, just to see why.

The final step for the brand was to create a website, marketing collateral, branded give-away/swag opportunities, presentation templates and signage. All of these elements help to set her brand apart from her competitors. The goal was to maintain a polished and vibrant look that lives inside the established brand guidelines.

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Linda’s success comes from her extensive knowledge, focused approach, dynamic personality and dedication to changing lives.

3 years after our collaboration began to create the Morris and Associates brand, her organization is now under contract with UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Merced, and Goodwill, in conjunction with providing individual executive coaching, leadership retreats and one-time team building events. 


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