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MAU Vegas was to be held after one of the biggest product launches for the company in over a year, so it was important to make sure that our messaging was prominent. We began with email notifications of external events, LinkedIn posts by sales staff stating they would be attending, and an update to all messaging touch points for the booth and marketing collateral.

The gem logo shape was used to separate the post into two sections, which allowed for imagery to be integrated into the post. A Google Slide template was created for individual staff so that they could notify their network about the event and their attendance.

MAU Vegas 2023


Art Director


Social Post

Booth Design

Marketing Collateral


Previous event space designs were overly preoccupied with adding the brand colors, which resulted in disjointed and complicated design executions. To ensure that the design for the booth would be impactful, all initial design exploration were created in black and white. I wanted to have buy-in from all stakeholders on the design before color was added, which also led to a better reveal when it was implemented.

Working closely with Freesia Algar,'s Director of Events, we discussed all the aspects of the event and the goals to be achieved before a single design was created. Our collaboration created one of the best attended and received events for that year.

To bring more of the brand into the booth and messaging, I took's logo and transformed it into a repeatable gradient pattern, which provided a visual element that also leads the viewers' eyes upward. To incorporate the request for additional messaging opportunities, I leveraged the back wall of the booth to include our app customer journey definitions in the space for 1:1 demonstrations. The back of the booth was used for product placement, creating a billboard to promote the latest report. Event signage was placed throughout the space to increase messaging opportunities.​

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