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Hammons Supply Company was established in 1972. Their original logo was created from a hand-painted sign that still hangs in the company's main warehouse.

My goal was to maintain the history behind their logo while providing a brand refresh while elevating the brand's secondary graphics and providing a secondary logo for marketing and merchandising opportunities.

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Burgious Logo3_PURP .png
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w o r k
l o g o  c r e a t i o n  c a s e  s t u d y

n d a

p a s s w o r d   r e q u i r e d
n d a

l o g o  g a l l e r y

 c l i e n t  d r i v e n &  p e r s o n a l
 l o g o  e x p l o r a t i o n s
l o g o
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