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The LEARN LMS (Learning Management System) houses a series of courses to help customers unlock the full potential of the products offered by The LMS update needed to reflect the updated brand and provide a vital opportunity for demand generation that was lacking in the previous incarnation.

LMS systems are templated environments, so it was imperative that I learn the limitations of the system before providing design direction. After partnering with the Global Education Team, I began reviewing the platform's best practices and tutorials. Once I learned the platform's capabilities and limitations, I pressure tested the proposed visual elements within the platform's sandbox to ensure best results. 


To make the page more appealing I introduced stock photography throughout the site to create a connection between the viewer and the content. Just as important was selecting images that depicted diversity and inclusion. To accommodate the requests made by the Sales team for demand generation opportunities, I added carousels that could be populated with links to the website featuring new reports, webinars, and product information on both the home page and user dashboard.


The Global Education team had used icons to represent their courses in their previous explorations, so I took those elements and added them to the course catalog images as a watermark to provide a visual queue to the selected course path. I also used the same iconography in the creation of the LEARN platform accomplishment badges, and created new icons/badges.


In any organization creative resources for smaller one-off projects are hard to obtain. To ensure that the department could maintain the new design, I provided them with an image library and a simple course asset template. This would allow them to maintain the look of the site and work independently as courses were created.


​LMS Visual Redesign



Image Library



Art Direction | LEARN Redesign


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