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Twitter Black Birds is the business resource group for Black Tweeps and allies. The "Take Up Space" campaign was created to amplify Black voices during 2022's Black history month.

The campaign was created to generate awareness for a series of moderated speaking events utilizing the platform. Creative assets included social posts, presentation materials, and internal digital signage in support of this monthlong conversation.​

Twitter's design system, created by Derrit deRouen, is the most robust brand design I've ever had the chance to work with. As powerful as it can be when used in its fullest expression, it can be equally powerful when applied minimally. To mirror the concept of space I removed the backgrounds from each subject. I combined that with a bold type treatment, expanding the current style guide parameters just a smidge. Once those elements were solidified I began to incorporate more brand elements and the colors of the African American heritage flag.


Social Campaign

Digital Signage

Social Posts

Themed Presentation


Sr. Graphic Designer

Art Direction


Blackbirds "Take Up Space" Campaign

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