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As the father of an LGBTQ+ identified teenager I was always impressed by Twitter's commitment to inclusion. I created the Pronoun Project as a means to greet new employees in an inclusive way.


I built on Twitter's #ONETEAM tagline to create the "Many Pronouns" t-shirt design. It features 9 LGBTQ+ recognized self identification pronouns inside of the Twitter logo to visualize that there is space for everyone to be seen as their authentic selves.

Addressing someone by the correct pronouns can be tricky and awkward, so I began brainstorming of other items that could be included in the "Welcome Box" and landed on stickers. I designed the stickers to feature the nine recognized pronouns in a left justified horizontal stack with #ONETEAM underneath the pronouns. The stickers provide a nonverbal means of communication for coworkers to acknowledge each other's preferred pronouns.





Art Direction

Sr. Graphic Designer


Twitter Pronoun Project

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