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Walther Law & Fiduciary, APC was founded on its legal expertise and attention to details. Walther's founding partner believes that fostering and nurturing professional relationships leads to lasting success.
Identity Package
  • Serif/Slab Serif Typeface Word Mark
  • Avoid standard iconography associated with the
    legal profession.

From our initial conversations, I created the following design explorations.

This initial direction feels both modern and classic. The converging and intersecting lines symbolize the relationship the firm has with its clients. The diagonal lines project motion and fluidity, while the thickness of the line weights adds stability and tradition.

This design leverages the negative space in the base of the "W" to create visual impact. The fountain pen in this space adds a layer of complexity and visual interest while symbolizing the "signing on the dotted line". 

The serifs of the “W” invokes the feeling of a crown that adds a sense of prominence.



After the initial design offerings, the client asked for a less structured and more ”organic” feeling logo. The following mood boards helped direct my next design iterations.



Now with a definitive design direction, I worked to create depth and structure for the logo and presented two color options. 

To finalize the design, I removed the gradients and replaced them with 4 comparable PMS colors. This change maintained the depth and complexity of the design while making it cost-effective for traditional printing methods. 
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Burgious Logo3_PURP .png
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