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Twitter Flight School (TFS) is an online learning platform that offers courses to educate users on how to use the platform for brand promotion, advertising, and social media marketing on Twitter. I was responsible for auditing, pressure testing and redesigning the TFS internal sub-brand in early 2021. This was a wonderful department to support and I learned so much during my time with them.


Utilizing Q1 2022 YoY metric data the team began to examine our current user journey on the platform and its effect on course completion rates. It was decided to move the platform closer to brand and address the challenges users had been facing navigating the site.


My first step was to map the new user journey and more information to the homepage and class verticals so users could make more informed choices. Once the journey was agreed upon I began exploring design treatments for our visual elements. Due to time constraints I had to be strategic in my application of the brand to maintain speed and not distract from content. To address departmental messaging needs we instituted a multiple banner carousel masthead. To announce the new and improved site, the team and I created an email campaign that was sent to previous users and another campaign for prospective students announcing our new and improved site. We also created a targeted email campaign to attract small to moderately sized businesses.


Before I began supporting TFS they'd relied heavily on vendors who unfortunately had a hard time grasping the new brand (understandably: it took me months to figure it out). The project window and budgetary restrictions meant I would be a team of 1. As a creative team of 1, I was the Art Director and Designer for this project. The project was completed in two very long weeks from the initial kickoff. In total, 893 creative assets were delivered with 1/2 of those assets being translated into nine languages.



Email Redesign

Marketing Collateral


Sr. Graphic Designer

Art Direction


Twitter Flight School Brand Refresh

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